Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog?! I've got no time to floss!!!

I have no idea why in the world I think I have time to write a blog. I am insanely busy. However, I fear that my long-winded comments (on other people's blogs) about life, love and the pursuit of a clean floor--well it's probably getting old. I think everyone is saying "Will you please quit sleeping on my couch and get a place of your own?" So I scouted out a nice place in a noisy neighbourhood, found a ground floor unit that allows pets, and here I am--ready to join the world of the blog.

Who the heck am I? Mum of four, homeschooling teacher of a one room hen house, wife of one long suffering husband (who has suffered almost two decades), softie maker extraordinaire (hey, someone has to be a fan) and very mediocre charwoman-housekeeper (refer back to the long suffering husband.) I have three daughters adopted from India: Spudly--one of the quirkiest kiddos in the universe but known in the world as "normal", she's seven; Sparkle--deaf, cochlear implant wearing lover of purple, fashion and drama--not necessarily in that order, she's six; and T-Rex--our four year old attachment disorder sweetie with a repaired cleft lip and palate. The baby of the family is daughter number four, adopted from Vietnam: Stinkerbelle--two years old, with cleft lip and palate, hearing impaired with a communication disorder and some mild cognitive delays.

Life is insane--I mean INsane! Everytime I figure out the basics of one disorder God hits me with another two or three. But life is great in this four ring circus and I wouldn't trade it for anything--except the very same life with fulltime maid service. Technically, I guess I already have that if you consider me the maid. Remind me to complain to the management though. There's toys everywhere and really! when was the last time these sheets were changed....