Friday, October 23, 2009

Michigan is Growing

For the Coopersville Farm Museum art and photography contest. The theme is Michigan's bounty. Actually, graphic--computer generated illustration does not neatly fit into one of their categories so this may not be an official entry. We'll see what they say when I submit it tomorrow.

**** The fine folks at the Farm Museum loved the illustration and placed it in the "catch all" category. Yippee!*****


Chantelle said...

They SHOULD say "Thanks! It's a adorable!" :)

Katie said...

That's adorable! I wonder if they'd be interested in the photos I took of the pumpkins on our front porch..probably not, but it's been a source of smiles for me.

TracyC said...

I loved that photo Katie. Alas, the deadline to enter was Saturday. I'll give you a heads up before next year's though. If you quilt at all, they have a quilt contest-show in August. It's at the Farm Museum in Coopersville, MI.