Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Creative Space--Be Prepared

Christmas is coming whether the goose is on a diet or not. You know and I know it.

I have just finished my calculations. I estimate that I will need approximately 455,672,003 Christmas presents--give or take a few thousand. I'm not talking about gifts for family. I'm talking about tokens of appreciation for all those "others": the butcher, the baker, the burrito maker.

You know how it is. You go through life meeting people who then must be given a Christmas present. Just when you think you've got it sorted the taxidermist gives you 15 lbs of reindeer meat gift wrapped in a buffalo hide and then what do you do? You've got no more paper mache machetes to give--augh!

That's why I'm making my list early and checking more than twice. I'm thinking the gift of choice this year will be notebooks with hand-embroidered covers--at least for teachers and preachers and friends. Which is why I'm getting started now and why My Creative Space features lots of floss.

For more creative spaces (which probably do not mention reindeer meat) check here.


yardage girl said...

Great post and good on you for being so organised!! Love the jumper on the softie - how sophisticated!

Chantelle said...

Say it isn't so!! Christmas gifts?? I don't want to think about it yet! :( But I know I have to. Ugh. -- Anyway, your organization is a thing of beauty. Love the colors all lined up. Nice!

Tracey said...

oh yeah, it pays to start early! Love the dog on your banner.

Michelle said...

This year I'm holding my hands over my ears and singing "la la la la" so I can't hear that Christmas is coming. And soon!!

Which is odd - I normally am so prepared and so excited about it!

I love how organised you are.

squareby said...

Your mention of Christmas has reminded me that I need to make my Christmas cards and start on gifts ... AHHH! Oh, and floss is amazing.

Corey said...


I nominated you for a blog award!