Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space Digital

I'm working on a plan. A Christmas present plan. If it works, it could save me massive time and stress.

Okay, here's the deal: I'm designing a school girl (and possibly boy) pattern. Saved as a jpg I'll send it off to be printed by Spoonflower. Three wonderful cheers for Spoonflower. I'll whip together the front and backs patterns and presto! Little dolls wearing our school's uniform and ready to be given to teachers and students.

(I have not grown big ears and a tail. That is my assistant Pep helping me. If he tries to tell you he does all the design work around here, just smile and ignore him.) And then click here for other creative spaces with amazing ideas although perhaps not with sock monkies.


Kirsty said...

That's a really cute gift idea.

Jean Baardsen said...

Great idea! The teachers will love them. You sure do have a lot of ambition. They say the busier a person is, the more that person can accomplish. I think you're a good example!

jeanamarie said...

your softies are very cute :)