Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Sunday

I used to dread Sunday nights. It was the end of the weekend, another week of school to follow with nothing to look forward to by nightfall but any homework I had put off. Until this day, the words "Sunday evening" depress me.

I didn't want our girls to grow up feeling the same way. I decided that we had better have a fun tradition for Sunday evenings--something to look forward to, something to love. And so came the "Biggby Sunday Evening Sipster."

Take four more than slightly hyper girls, add a weary father and an exhausted mother. Add four caramel marvel magic milks, one mocha mocha and one teddy bear steamer and you have a very happy and refreshed family. We love Biggby!

Tonight was super awesome because when we were leaving Biggby the owners kindly offered the girls balloons! Wowzer! If you noticed a glow in the sky, it was the smiles from my four who never ever get balloons and were over the moon. Baby ended up letting go of hers so it is currently over our town and, perhaps, on it's way to the moon but we won't worry about that. Score one for a perfect Sunday evening.

In case any of you thought that we had a "normal" experience at Biggby, fear not. Of course, at least one softie must go with me to Biggby. Number one daughter helps me figure out where to pose the softie, what it should be doing. Alas, tonight, I forgot the camera. Bad mummy. That may be why, for the first time ever, they offered us balloons. Maybe before they thought we were slightly wacko and not to be trusted with helium. It is possible. Nah--they seem to be quite used to softie customers at Biggby. Here is Stockton the Sock Bear heading in for a treat.

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