Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show Me the Love

In a grey, dark world I love to find splashes of colour. You too? Here are some of my discoveries:

the world "tickle". Just say the word tickle and you're a happier person. Add the colour pink and things look down right rosy.

the ASL sign for
This should be done with a great deal of enthusiasm, particularly on blustery March days.

the smell of chocolate cake cooking...once again proving brown is indeed beautiful.

And then there's The Toy Society Make a toy--something cute, something that makes you smile. Put it in a plastic bag, add a note, take a picture and then go someplace public and leave it. Yes, leave it. And someone will come along and read the note which says "Free to a Good Home" and will go home with a brand new friend positively free. Their world will be awash in beautiful, happy colours--cause there are still cool, caring, nice people in the world who just want others to be happy--no strings attached.

And that tickles me pink on a windy day.

1 comment:

Chantelle said...

I love this 'random giveaway' idea!! Beautiful!