Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Still Here

I've been working on a lot of things lately. Really, I have. I know that I don't have to justify myself to you blog readers. It would be okay if I hadn't been working on a lot of things. But then I would have been playing so I could blog about that--my weekend trip to the Riviera, the week in the Catskills, punching cows out in Wyoming--maybe just waving at them since I'm a non-violent sort of gal. But, no: I have been working. (Okay, Huckleberry and I did go for a Turtle Sundae on Sunday but otherwise I've been working.)

I just don't have anything finished which I can show you. I'm making my first ever art quilt and it's a tonne of work. (Tonne is like ton only even heavier.) I had no idea. I'm finished with my wonderful camping banner, pattern by WildOlive, but haven't made time to take a picture of it. I'm working on a secret project for the Embroidery Exhibit which I cannot show you on penalty of death...or at least disqualification. I added two rows to my embroidered quilt but I haven't taken it to the quilter yet. I've created two new embroidery designs but want to stitch them up before I show you.

Oh and I'm getting ready for a visit from my parents, trying to keep my deaf daughter moving forward with her reading, trying to get my stubborn daughter to work a bit on math, trying to get applications completed: the two oldest girls are going, if I ever finish the paperwork, to afternoon classes at a Christian school next fall.

And I'm searching for a way to keep the house neater...along with peace in the Middle East and the Holy Grail. Of course, in cleaning up around here I just might find the Holy Grail. And, if it were neater, I could more easily take pictures of the finished projects without using creative framing to make sure no junkie backgrounds show. Okay, it's onward and upward.....


Katie said...

Ahh, Tracy..we totally understand. Justin and I were just talking about you this morning and how incredible you are for all that you do. Just take it one thing at a time and you'll get there.

*hugs* katie (of the Baa & friends gang)

Jean Baardsen said...

Wow! And you didn't even mention Pet Society.... Do you ever sleep?

Recovering Noah said...

That sounds cool about the Christian school, Tracy! Is it everyday??