Monday, July 6, 2009

It Stays Clean!

Some of you understand the life of a mum....sweep, mop, clean, sort, put away, wipe, scrub, vacuum, wash, scour...repeat....repeat... repeat....

That's why my newest obsession and love is...Pet Society. Have you heard of it? It's an online game on facebook and myspace. You create a cute pet. Then, the fun begins. Dress her. Take her to her friends'. Enter her in a race. Play games with her. Buy her clothes and furniture and toys. Feed her. Take her to the cafe.

This is an embroidery of my bear Bubbles. Isn't she sweet?

But the best part, for this mum, is creating Bubble's home. Each pet starts out with two rooms. As you earn more points your pet gets more rooms plus a garden. At this point Bubbles has five rooms and two gardens. Did I mention this is uber fun?

Okay, but get this...get....this: the whole place stays clean! Stays clean! I kid you not. There's no scrubbing, no sorting, no putting away, no picking up after, no washing crayon off the wall, no chipping petrified cheese off the floor, no throwing rocks back outside, no finding bagels under the couch....NO.....Cleaning!!!! Are you hearing me?

That must be just about as close to heaven on earth as possible. Ahhhhhhh....

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Chantelle said...

ha ha! THAT'S why you like it so much! :) I get it now! :) I think that's the same reason I used to enjoy Stardolls. My 'girl' could eat all the brownies she wanted and still fit beautifully in her size 2 jeans and her apartment never once had a crushed cheerio mashed in the rug, a child whining in time out, or a pile of cat puke in the corner. :-D