Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is Real

Mostly on this blog I do fun, cute, crafts chatter. But the truth of my life is that I'm living with four adopted children, three with special needs, one of whom has attachment disorder and the baby who has brain damage. I never say that because it sounds so final but yes, she has brain damage.

Want to know what life is really like? Read this real post by my friend Leslie. And then say a prayer for her. And then think about whether you might know a family like this in your real life--and whether you could help. Because that would be real wonderful!


Chantelle said...


Can't imagine how tough it is for you. Admire the socks off ya.


Smith Girls said...

Just to second the many comments left on Leslie's blog--feel free to be as real on your own blog as you feel comfortable being. I frequently wonder how you keep up with everything on your plate. And I understand the frustration of planning the logistics of a simple medical appointment, and that's just because of homeschooling two kids, one of whom is too young to stay alone and often too ornery to allow big sister to babysit for more than 15-30 minutes. I feel guilty at times for the number of days Steve comes home early or goes in late just because I need to get to the doctor. Your childcare challenge is far greater than mine. But I'm sure you'll understand the longing to be able to go in for one's annual well-woman exam without it being a major undertaking (and the scary reality that going alone to the ob/gyn constitutes a treat)!

Hang in there!


PS--Emily used that flower pattern you posted to embellish a crocheted purse.

Recovering Noah said...

Gosh, did I not comment on this post? I thought I did... tells you how scatterbrained I am.

Well, you know that I love you dearly and one of my regrets is that we don't live near each other so that we can lean on each other and give the other a break now and then.

It is sooooo hard. So so hard.

And I really do feel with you for the baby. Brain damage is hard to swallow. The unknown coupled with questions about the future... makes me tear up everytime.

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you - a lot. And I hope you have a good week.

Leslie :-)