Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What grows

What grows on your work table or work basket? In mine is this:

I doodled a hula bunny one day while on the phone while "on hold" for which ever medical personal office I was blessed to call that day. I liked it (the bunny, not being on hold) so I reworked it larger. Then I did my colour, embroider method--which needs a really awesome name...hmmmm....like Crayola DMC method--maybe Coats of Crayola?

So I was thinking, thinking, thinking...I know there's another chocolate bar somewhere around here what shall I do with this embroidery?

At that moment, more or less, I got an email that Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit still needs submissions. For whatever reason, they've been slow to arrive. Since we are allowed to submit two pieces I figured I'd have a second go at an art quilt. This time I'm using iron-on fusing for the pieces. I'll let you know how it goes...maybe in time for My Creative Space.

For good measure, see what else grows at our house. This is a tree in the front yard. Could it be summer?


Susan Loftin said...

Love the Hula Bunny and looking forward to seeing your new art quilt.

Jean Baardsen said...

The Hula Bunny is really sweet! Have fun with the art quilt.