Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let Me Off of This Ride

That's how I feel today: four kids, all out of sorts, all getting into mischief and sometimes being down right disobedient. Forget the Calgon, I want the Mounties to take me away....hopefully to a very secluded lodge on Lake Louise.

I will be amazed if anyone is still reading this blog seeing as I haven't posted for days and days. First, my parents arrived and stay for six days. House guests are hard no matter how much you like them. The visit unsettled our youngest daughter: read not sleeping through the night, has hot glued herself to my leg. And then the house guests left which has thrown the entire house into absolute bedlam. Even Bedlam couldn't hold a candle to us. Oh, did I mention summer camp? This is T-Rex's first year to attend. I'm trying to remember why I thought a child with attachment disorder could handle house guests and summer camp at the same time. Today, she hit her younger sister with a book and gave her a nice bruise...under her eye. Oh, let's just call it what it is: she gave her baby sister a black eye. Oy! Where are those Mounties already?

But through it all I have still been crafting. Of course, I've been crafting! It's my only source of sanity. I test drove a softie pattern for WildOlive. I won't show the pictures of that though until she releases the pattern. I finished The Secret Entry for the Embroidery Exhibit. After I photograph The Secret Entry I can put that aside. And I got this finished:

It's Super Cheddar--the Sharpest Mouse in the Universe. I'm not sure exactly what he fights for: truth, justice and cheese puffs? Anyone have a suggestion?

And there you have from the nut house.


Recovering Noah said...

Who's still reading your blog? Me! Me!

Not as often as I want, but whenever I get a chance, I check in and see how life's going at the nut house. ;-) It makes me feel like I'm... oh, I don't know... at home or something. *hehe*

Hope this week is better. I did tell you, didn't I, that I'm putting the younger two in public school. You're doing 1/2 days, right?

I don't think there's a mother on this planet who is more excited for school to start than me. (shhh!)

Katie said...

I am totally still reading your blog! I say that adorable (yet very strong) mouse fights for peace and quiet and kids who go to sleep on time!