Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Creative Space Stitched

This is the first panel of a series I'm doing called "Bearly Fall."

I know! I know! We shouldn't even be thinking about fall yet. It's still summer! The thing is it's been so cold up here in the North (coldest July on record) that it's no stretch of the imagination to think of fall days.

I also have a certain longing for the girls (my oldest two) to start school. They will be going three afternoons a week. Bad Mummy to wish her kids to school--but they're going to have fun and it will be so much easier to do therapy with the younger two this way.

Okay, so don't forget to visit the other My Creative Spaces here. Since it's gone Friday in Australia I'll probably be the last to enter. (Apologies to the Southern Hemisphere readers who are probably thrilled to be thinking of Spring.)


Kirsty said...

He's so sweet & beautifully embroidered.

Amanda said...

That's adorable, great job!

Katie said...

Tracy, your skills make me go awww every darn time I see something you've made. I love it all and I'm so glad that you posted today. I've been seeing you do it and jumped in today too.

Personally, I've been enjoying the cooler summer. I'd never get anything unpacked if we had the usual summer heat up here this year.

woollywotnots said...

Your embrodiery is so neat and so cute.

redorgrayart said...

i am glad to see your sweet piece ~

Smith Girls said...


You are NOT a bad mummy to be sending your big girls to school three afternoons/week! I wish I had that option. I've had a big struggle myself in the past few days over the all-consuming nature of homeschooling. I love teaching and doing things with my girls, but I don't love the constant lesson planning each night, no margin for being sick, have personal appointments, and never having a free moment to myself. With three special-needs kids, you and the girls will all benefit from this arrangement. Don't feel the least bit guilty over it!