Saturday, September 19, 2009


For some reason my girls have been clamouring for a camera. I simply cannot imagine why. After a disaster with a $20 Hello Kitty camera which was broken almost as soon as it was out of the packaging, I realized something different was in order.

First of all, I needed something which was gorilla-friendly or at least gorilla proof. And I realized a camera is a Magna Doodle. Some toys can and must be shared between sisters. Some toys cannot be shared and either each girl must have her own or we shall have none at all in this peaceful (hahahaha) house. Magna Doodles and cameras fall into the second category.

This fall, when summer school was adequately completed and surgery was successfully endured I rewarded my girls with their own cameras. I found some Crayola cameras which have been terrific--dropped many times but they keep coming back for more. In addition, all the pictures save to a standard HD memory card so there's no odd software to load, etc.

The girls can edit the pictures of the camera--especially nice in order to delete the 16 pictures of their foot, the electrical chord or their sister with rice krispies in her nose. For the record, none of my daughters have ever stuff rice krispies up their noses. Cheerios are a different matter.

The youngest two have been using their cameras for a school project. The local farm museum is hosting a photo contest; the theme is bounty. We are studying farms right now!


Nicole said...

My youngest (4) has a similar sturdy kids camera and she had so much fun with it! Especially recording herself whilst singing songs(which she makes up as she goes along...)

Smith Girls said...

I have so many photos of the girls taking photos! Alas, they attempt to share a camera. It's not always peaceful, but at least it (usually) keeps them from sharing mine. And thank heavens for digital cameras--can't tell you how many self-portraits of Laura, shots of the sky, floor and other random objects I've deleted! Laura actually got an amazingly good shot of tulips at Botanica that we're getting ready to enter in the annual photo contest. It was honestly just a lucky accident, but it truly is an amazing photo.