Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Not Even Thursday

Lately, it seems I only update my blog for Creative Space Thursdays. Not good. Creative Spaces is good--it's great! Me not posting otherwise is not good.

Schooling my girls, who are none too sold on the value of education, is robbing me of all my spare time, creative energy and will to live. Okay, maybe not the will to live but any of you who have stood over an unwilling child and demanded that they do yet one more page of math understands.

The problem is I need to be creative, imaginative, expressive. When I'm not I get glum, depressed, irritated, crabby....you get the idea.

That's why I've been hitting back, fighting for creative time and energy. First, I completed this banner using Wild Olive's Ice Cream Socializers. I intentionally kept the stitching big and bold so it could be seen from a distance.

Second, Head Honcho very graciously offered to take the girls to the park yesterday evening so I could have some "down time." In addition to a nice spot of uninterrupted...yes, I did say uninterrupted....reading, I got a good start on this embroidery piece of my own design: Sherlock Hones.

Next on my "to do list" is to catch up on all my fave blog reading to get inspired by everyone else's creative flame.

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh, I love your Sherlock! I just wanted to pop in and see how everything is going over in GRap. Things in Sunfield are quiet and I'm trying to be productive. *hugs*