Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Creative Space--Fragmented

I have a starting and stopping problem. I need to stop starting projects before the last project(s) is finished.

Just look at all this stuff: a Halloween cat softie, a WildOlives Halloween embroidery, more yo-yos for a fall door hanging. And I didn't even include my Frank N. Stein's garage piece which is awaiting bonding and applique.

And then I wonder why my life seems so fragmented and stressful....hmmmm....maybe because it is fragmented.

Memo to self: finish these projects and the other half dozen before you start on anything else. (Internal voice: but I have a great idea for a Christmas softie....)

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Kylie said...

I think I share your problem! But you know, a problem shared is a problem halved! Sorry, having a giggle here... I don't see it as a problem anymore. They are just things waiting for me to get back to them. They all look lovely, btw :) K

Amanda said...

I am guilty of the same thing :)..I hope you get everything finished!

inkcaravan said...

I'm afraid I belong to the same club. Maybe we should theme a whole month in the blogosphere just for finishing things.
~ Alisa

Kirsty said...

Me too...sigh. Just a common crafty theme methinks.