Sunday, June 14, 2009

B Bold

If you are familiar with Veggie Tales then you know that Everybody's Got a Water Buffalo. Of course, the problem is that everyone does not have a water buffalo (unless you happen to live in Asia.)

But Softie Maker Extraordinaire that I am (applause) I am working on making sure everybody does have a water buffalo.

This is the proto type. I need to tweak it a bit. Say hello to Linh--which means Gentle Spirit in Vietnamese. Isn't she fun? And best of all she's a Once Again animal made from an old turtle neck that had stretched out at the bottom. Yes, indeed--from turtle to buffalo in one easy step.

Check back here for the free pattern as soon as I get the kinks worked out. (And no, that does not make Linh a kinky buffalo.)


Susan Loftin said...

Since we have Asian kiddos in our house, I think we need a waterbuffalo. Looking forward to the pattern. Love the flower on her hip :)

Chantelle said...

Turtle to buffalo! I love it!