Wednesday, June 10, 2009

B Nutty

After reviewing all the things I want to blog about I have determined that they are all "brought to us by the letter B." So hang onto your hats while we whip through things to B happy about. (Yes, I ended that with a preposition. Yes, I homeschool my children. Prince Charles is already investigating.)

First, here is one of my doodles--Acorn Squirrel, stitched up, and made into a Bookmark. I never have enough bookmarks and I have way too many embroidered pieces's a win, win.

I love how different this squirrel is, designed by me, compared to the squirrel in the Bunny Stitch Along piece designed by PolkaDot Bunny. Isn't it amazing the way one subject can be treated in so many different ways?

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