Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Have a Winner!

I am proud to announce that T-Rex is graduating from therapy. After one year of hard work she is ready to move to monthly meetings for a couple of months and then she's done.

Did I mention hard work? Her therapist says "the amount of change in her is immeasurable." She's like a different kid.

Yes, there are still ghosts of the attachment ickies in her--a harder time transitioning, a somewhat aggressive personality, fear of new situations. But we haven't seen a rage in forever and even the hissy fits are few and far between. She's even able to get herself out of a bad mood. Did you hear that? Get herself out of a bad mood. There are adults who never mastered that.

So she'll keep her one-on-one helper at church, she still has to stay away from artificial dyes (i.e. kool-aid, hard candy) and we will still need to work on forming bonds, creating neuron pathways, baby done graduated. Wahooooooooo!


Lisa H. said...

Woooo Hooooo for your girlie! Great job, Mama, too! I'm so happy for you both. And I LOVE the photo of T-Rex leaning on the tree....She's gorgeous!


Chantelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! YEEE HAA!! I'm so happy for you ALL! (And LOVED seeing the pics - what a doll!)