Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hooo Hooo Hoorah!

Remember how I told you about those funky crafting divas The Brown Owls? Well, they sure are funky...and very busy hosting meetings all over Australia these days. I thought it would make me feel sad to be a world away but it's actually fun to read about all the things they get up to.

The Brown Owls are sort of like Girls Scouts or Girl Guides. There are projects to complete for different badges. I completed the crochet project. Now, I've tackled the sewing project. Truth be told, we were supposed to make this as a pencil holder but....uhm...I'm not much for transporting pencils around...it's sort of the computer age and all. But crochet hooks...that's entirely a different kettle of swedish fish. This makes the perfect crochet hook holder, organizer and transporter. Wahoo!

(You did notice the owl fabric, the owl embroidery and the fact that I actually posted about something I said I would, right? Right!)



Chantelle said...

Good going!

Susan Loftin said...

What a cute idea! I need to make one for my crochet hooks. Then maybe I could find them when I need them :o

Recovering Noah said...

Awww, I'm crazy about owls. Last year at GapKids they had a series of little girl clothes that were all based around owls. I bought Nandi the whole set (Gap Outlet - NOT full price AND a size bigger so that she can wear them 2 years in a row). Too cute!