Thursday, May 21, 2009

Owls and Oranges

Today is brought to you by the letter O

I am an owl. I am! I'm a Brown Owl to be exact. The Brown Owls are a group of nice women who get together to craft nicely. It's the brainchild of the lovely, effervescent Pip from Meet Me At Mike's fame.

The main group of Brown Owls meet in Melbourne, Australia. (See previous post about those crafty Aussies.) I long thought I could never be a part, seeing as the travel to Melbourne was a bit out of my league. (Okay Honey, I'm off to my crafting meeting. Meals for the next four days are in the fridge.) But then I saw that there are international memberships.

I can join! I joined! I'm in! I'm a Brown Owl. See the nifty badge on the sidebar? It says I'm a Brown Owl. And I've just completed my very first project. I submit this crocheted potholder for my crochet badge. Judges please convene.

While the judges are looking over my handiwork let me tell you about this fine potholder. It's made with cotton "sugar and cream" yarn, a g hook, crocheted in the round following this pattern. It is indeed an orange. Doesn't it make you think of summer? Summer in the 1970s? Ahhhh....I love it. There's nothing like making something you really love.

So sit right back, grab some OJ and we'll wait to see if the troop leader says I get my first badge.

1 comment:

Chantelle said...

Yes! I vote that you get a badge for your orange slice pot holder! Nice! :)