Friday, May 22, 2009

Remembering Softie Style

The theme for this week's Words and Pictures is Remembering. I am not going to touch the subject of how fast my girls are growing, remembering them first home, first steps, etc because I don't have time to admit myself to a mental hospital this week. They are growing up too fast (although the moments when they are fighting I do find myself wishing they'd grow up faster--baaaaad mummy.)

Instead, I'm giving you a rare glimpse at a fellow who helped shape who I am. My love for him predicted all which would come later. I speak of: Ruff Ruff, the giant stuffed dog. Ruff Ruff came to live with me the Christmas I was 12, a gift from my mother. My estimation of my mother shot up given the fact that she was always complaining I had too many stuffed animals and then she bought me a giant one. Wahoo!

Ruff Ruff was the only giant stuffed animal I had. He was great. He laid on my bed eating cookies and reading all day until I got home from school. He went to university with me where he majored in aerospace engineering. He flew helicopters. After university he went to live with my parents. Small apartments never suited a dog who likes living large.

He is still living with my parents. I give him a big hug and snuggle as soon as I arrive. But now he's got a whole new gang of co-conspirators. My girls love Ruff. And so do I.

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Chantelle said...

Ruff Ruff. :) Such a cute name. I can't believe he doesn't LIVE with you though!! (PS, post more pics of your girls! Maybe your girls HOLDING softies?) :)