Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take Wing

We are back from our vacation. Slides to follow at a later date. (Is anyone else old enough to remember seeing vacation slide shows? Did anyone else nod off at the sound of the projector engine?)

While riding back and forth across Indiana I worked on some free form embroidery. I took my blue washable ink pen, drew a picture, stitched it and then wondered what they heck to do with it. And wondered....

Here is project number one. I totally cheated. I saw the idea here but actually here first. And I thought "how cool is that." So I grabbed some fabric I bought two weeks ago at the "Fabric Department at Walmart is going out of business sale." 50% off. How not cool that our local Walmart will no longer sell fabric. Anyway, I put this all together: free form embroidery pattern, fabric, idea and got this:

An embroidery sketch book where I can try out new stitches, new patterns and create new embroidery which I will have no idea what to do with. (Yes, I ended that sentence in a preposition. Go ahead and report me to the grammar police.) Hopefully, I'll find new ideas on all the creative blogs. And how cool is that.

Tomorrow I talk about dolls...unless I forget or something else occurs to me. I leave you with a picture, which will be sewn on her school bag, of Spudly holding a dinosaur bone.

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Recovering Noah said...

I'm the queen of ending sentences with a preposition... and I ain't been arrested yet.

Oh yeah... and I love my slang and double negatives, too...

Love the dinosaur bone, btw. :-)