Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drops of Gold

It's rainy, it's cold (for summer), it's grey. Blah!

But check out these little nuggets of sunshine:

Amigurumi kitty for my very last swap. Wahoo. She's winging her way east to new home right now.

The first of my SSS goodies. SSS: Summer Sidewalk Series featuring the fun-loving Suey. Spudly is helping me think of other pictures to do. Isn't it funny how it isn't until you look at a picture of your sewing that you see all the wonky stitches. Oh well.

And check this out: Let's say you had a couple of hearing impaired kids. And the entire family needed to keep learning new signs. And you just happened to order these awesome images from here. And you created cool sign language vocab cards which will be laminated by tomorrow. How totally sunny would that be? I've also got a cool game in mine. Hopefully, you can check that out tomorrow right here.

And last I leave you with Cookie, the Monkey, who came to me in the mail from Ontario yesterday. Poor guy. I hope he didn't think by heading south it was going to be warmer. We just might have to make some cookies for Cookie--to welcome him and all.


Chantelle said...

I love the word "Wonky." :) And the cards are great!

Mollie. said...

The game you made is such a wonderful idea! One person used my letters and numbers for homeschooling, causing my mom to say something like, "Why don't you make these things for us to use?"

And I should. I think they would make really fun laminated magnets. To be safe, I'm not going to show your cards to my mom just yet...