Thursday, May 21, 2009

It All Settled South

When God was spreading around talent He was fairly even with His sprinkling--a little here, a dash there. But when it came to crafting, and especially softie making, He poured it all out Down Under. Fair Dinkum. Australians are ace.

Case in point: One Red Robin, Dear Fii, Two Little Banshees and Meet Me at Mike's. I've read them--drooled over them--for years. And that's just a sample of the eye-popping craftiness on Australian blogs. I bet they could even make fishing lures look cute.

All that said I only own one softie from Down Under, a little monster made for me in a swap. Maybe one day I'll be able to add to my collection. Maybe one day I can even make a crafting tour circuit through Oz. Can you imagine? "Sheila, there's a ripper stuffie maker outside. Crimey! She's got a seam ripper."(Apologies to all real Australians for my terrible impersonation attempt.) Seriously, I'd be headed all over Australia, looking in shops, going to houses, saying "show me your softies". Of course, I'd soon be deported, perhaps even for not being crafty enough, but probably just for being weird. But I'm sure even as they deported me the Aussies would be very kind and friendly.

In the meantime, all I can do is dream and...become an owl. More about that in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

Tracy your post nearly made my coffee come out my nose I laughed so much. Yes it is a very bad Australian impersonation. Those blogs you mentioned are very good, they are all supertalented softie makers. I'd be keen to be part of a softie swap if you were interested in a transatlantic one.