Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weak in the knees

There's an adulterous relationship going on here: going out on me, causing me pain, refusing to cooperate and now the final stroke...seeing other people.

No, it's not Head Honcho. He's solid as a rock--the same rock I would bury him under if he weren't...but he is. It's my knees. Yes, betrayed by my very own body.

It started last summer. By Christmas I could not deny it. Three weeks ago I went to the doctor for help. I can't remember what the official diagnosis is. I'll just call it Adultery of the Knees.

The x-rays showed no abnormalities so it's off to PT for me. I've got a lovely therapist who didn't even blink when I whipped out my camera and starting taking snaps of Eileen. That tells you a lot right there. Really.

So my knees are taped, I get to work out on some scary looking devices which actually aren't so bad, and I'm determined to get these knees back on the straight and narrow.

(Eileen is a KittyPinkyStar Sock Creature all the way from England. Head Honcho gave her to me for my birthday last year. She came with me to therapy this morning because it is Monsters on Thursday!)

Photo Captions:
1) Alex getting an x-ray. 2) Here we go!
3) Eileen in the coat rack--I tried to tell her that was not exercise equipment. She never listens. 4) Eileen is really on the ball. Of course, someone else needed it and she wouldn't get off. 5) And Eileen telling the therapist all about her addiction to crisps. I kept telling her the PT isn't "That Kind" of therapist but Eileen never listens....

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Chantelle said...

"the same rock I'd bury him under if he weren't".......... HA!! HA!! HA!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Oh my. I snorted a little on that one. :)

I'm so sorry about your knees!!! But, wow, taking pics of the little fuzz ball at the docs. HA! You are ONE OF A KIND. NEVER CHANGE!!!!! ((((hug)))