Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm trying not to add soap to this post but it's so tempting. Okay, I'm giving in.

What is it with all the blonde, blue-eyed dolls? Walk down an aisle at Walmart and every single blessed doll is orange. (Orange being the colour that my beautiful oldest daughter from India calls "white people." And let's face it, we ain't white. We are orange.) Geesh louise. Enough with the northern European complexion complex America. Wake up!

This world is full of beautiful brown girls. Beeeee uuuuu tiful! Can't we have a few dolls in luscious shades of mocha? Hmmmm????

Therefore, I was delighted to see the call for brown skinned, black haired dolls over at Craft Hope. The dolls are going to Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Nicargua, one of those places with gorgeous brown skinned kiddos.

And so with glee--I'm telling you there was enough glee in me to fuel16 Glee Clubs--I designed and crafted this little cutie. I'm very pleased with her. I plan to make more.

Cause Brown is Beautiful!


Mollie. said...

At my house those of us who are on the paler side are referred to as "tan". (although, in the winter...white is probably much more accurate!)

We are always searching for brown baby dolls, and buy them when we find them. Our favorite find was a Bill Pickett soft doll...imagine! An African American Cowboy!

Susan Loftin said...

Another cute softie! I'm sure they will be well loved by their new friends! We struggle with finding brown dolls here, too, and Asian dolls.

Chantelle said...

This little doll is a DOR able... as are the little hands holding her!

Recovering Noah said...

Okay, will you quit posting pictures of these adorable little dolls? Otherwise, I'm going to hit you up for doll donations for our craft fair fundraisers.... ;-)

And, wow, I never pegged you to be a country music fan. I didn't know you could go any higher in my book, but I think you just gained a few notches.