Saturday, May 9, 2009

She's HERE

It's my new Blythe doll. It's my only Blythe doll. It will always be my only Blythe doll.

Four kids, six special needs and one salary does not equal spending cash for a $300 doll. Not even a $150 doll fits in our budget. I knew I'd never be able to have one of the full size Blythes. That's okay. I think the petites are cuter--with a nicer smile. A petite will fit in my camera bag. A petite is in my budget..or at least this one was.

Meet my $20 doll (including shipping from Hong Kong.) Happy Mother's Day to me! I am so excited.

Her official name is Running Deer. She came in Native American garb.

She is now Lilly-Jane, with slightly shorter hair and a new wardrobe thanks to the kindness of the little brat dolls. Okay, so the little brat dolls did not want to share. I'm bigger than they are. And I don't take attitude. Well, maybe a little attitude--from Lilly-Jane.

Head Honcho thinks I'm crazy. He says Lilly-Jane looks possessed and needs prozac. He also calls her mini-me, says she looks just like me. (She's a few dress sizes smaller though.) What does that mean?

Oh well. I'm happy. Lilly-Jane is happy. Happy Mother's Day to all of you too!


Chantelle said...

Your blog just flat out MAKES ME SMILE. I am such a SERIOUS person, faaaarrrr too much of the time, and YOU make me pause and smell the roses. I LOVE THAT!

Lilly-Jane is cute as button (although I did laugh out loud at possesed/ prozac comment, cause I can sorta kinda see that too). HA!!

Jeff Chapman said...

Keep your credit card under lock and key. Lilly-Jane is not one to settle for hand-me-downs from some upstart brats.