Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monkeying Around

You didn't really think I was going to talk about dolls today, did you?

Today, the topic is monkeys.

I was at the nursery last night getting plants for the garden. All of a sudden, a monkey popped out of a plant. Hmmmm.... A little later the same monkey jumped up again. And again. Finally, I asked the Monkey her name: Splendid. Which she is. She promises she knows a lot about gardening. I noticed she was mainly interested in the banana peppers I was buying though. She promises she will help me in the garden. But she only asked where I was planting the banana peppers. I brought her home. I don't think she knows the difference between cucumbers and clover but she is enthusiastic and I think she had worn out her welcome at the nursery.

Actually, Splendid is a "Once Again" softie. Stinkerbell is the last of the tribe. The plan is that we are done adopting, done increasing the family (except for softies.) So I'm constantly going through the girls' clothes, getting rid of the too small sizes. The things which are still in good shape go to thrift stores. The stuff with stains on them--which is a fair amount--get cut up either for rags or to make softies out of. I call them "Once Again"s.

Splendid is made from a 12m onesie and a 12m t-shirt. I didn't realize the onesie material was so thin, a real challenge to sew because it kept stretching. Also, I cut out the pattern freehand so Splendid has a bit of a long neck. I think she's one of those Long Necked Monkeys from Laredo. Something like that anyway.

And speaking of monkeys, I ran across this project last night. They send sock monkeys to communities ravaged by AIDS in South Africa. You know I believe that laughter is very good medicine (me, who is always very serious.) so I knew I was game to make a monkey or two. Anyone else a dab hand with a bit of thread and a sock? Geesh, there's no end to all this monkey business.


Susan Loftin said...

What a great use for clothing kids outgrow and wear out. Splendid idea! :D

Chantelle said...

I love your use of old clothes. Great job! (and adorable, smile inducing pics, as always!!!!) :)