Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smell This

Hyacinth--I can't spell the name but I sure love the way they smell. Mmmmmmm.....

Random facts about the H Flowers:

1) They originated in the Mediterranean. Yep, the things popping up in my lawn are pretty much as close as I'm ever getting to Club Med. It makes me feel like a world traveler just smelling their perfume.

2) Botanists used to think they were in the lily family but they're in a class all their own. Or a strata or a family or species or whatever.

3) There is a Saint Hyacinth--he's from Poland.

4) The coolest name for a town is: Saint-Hyacinthe. It's NE of Montreal, Quebec. (Canada does have the coolest town names in the world.) If you know any French, think about how Saint-Hyacinthe is said. It sounds pretty much like san a san. Oh, how I loved to hear the weather reported out of Saint-Hyacinthe in the sweet days of my youth. The weather was probably always fairly lousy--Montreal gets a lot of snow--but just to hear that name.... it warmed me by several degrees. I could almost imagine myself....in the Meditterean....