Friday, May 22, 2009

Dishing the Dirt

There are two seasons at my house. Not baseball, hockey, basketball, bowling, badminton. No, it's either gardening season or planning the garden season.

We don't have a giant garden. We have two medium size patches and some outliers. But the gardens get bigger each year.

Yesterday, I put in 25 tomato plants and helped the girls plant five banana peppers. Dang! That would have been a perfect post title: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. I'll have to try to remember that title for later in the summer.

Anyway, it is gardening season here. Usually, I try to put the garden in by Victoria Day because I like to live on the edge. Yes, while the other gardeners in the frozen north wait until Memorial Day I plant an entire week earlier. Don't hate me for my daring.

I still have all the seeds to plant. I am so late! When summer only lasts three days you've really got to make the most of it.

These softies are more Ugly Dolls, not my own creations. They were out looking for plants of particular interest: POPI. POPI include the cocoa plant, of course, as well as the whip topping plant, the ice cream bush and the much beloved hamburger vine. What will they do when all we get are beans, zucchini and peppers?


Chantelle said...

Love the little dude in sunglasses. HA! I wish you'd come HERE and plant a garden. We'd really enjoy it during our long 2 day Maine summers. ;-)

Jeff Chapman said...

It would be a lot easier to garden in the far north if those three days of summer occurred in a row. On the other hand, red and green do look good in snow.