Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is why I make softies

You think there's going to be a picture of a little girl sleeping with her teddy bear, a boy playing with his stuffed dog, a teen hanging on to an old, much loved tiger. But no!

What you get is a sob story. We live in a 1945 sq ft house built in 1946 in which everything was painted peach and green (originally) and nothing was built in a normal (interpret as reasonable) way. The hot and cold water facets are switched. The house was wired completely wonky when we moved in and there's not one square corner in the place. Every single window is slightly a different size. You get the idea.

Needless to say, things happen in a house like this. toilet was leaking and we had no idea. And now, unexpectedly, we have encountered a large area of the flooring which must be totally replaced. And Head Honcho spent the weekend chipping out floor board and treating the world's worst mold while I kept the girls outside. Oh, and there's an old half bath upstairs but this is the only main bath...with a our house. You do remember we have four young girls, right?

While outside I noticed that fungus has attacked our tomatoes. All but one tomato plant. Of 25 plants. And they all have to be destroyed. Whaaaaaa!

At times like this I need a break. I need a release. I need a means of coping.

That's why I make softies. Because everyone needs something to make her smile.


Recovering Noah said...

Here's my secret...

I make clothespin dolls. It's so nice to sit down and just do something to take my mind off things.

Of course, the kids always want to help and my husband trips over all the supplies laying everywhere..

but it gives me something to do that is just for me.

So, yep, your softies make total sense. :-)

Chantelle said...

I agree! Everybody needs something to make them smile... for me, it's Your Blog. :)

(okay, and maybe chocolate)