Thursday, June 18, 2009

B Mobile: My Creative Space

My three special needs daughters see enough doctors/specialists to staff a hospital. And the hospital these doctors happen to already staff is the large university hospital across the state. Translation: a lot of time on the road. A...lot....of....time.

Making the best out of a tedious situation, I have learned to take "work" with me. It's been a learning curve--packing the essentials but not extras. There's nothing like hitting a "project road block" when you've still got 100 miles of real road to go. I've found that keeping my materials in small bags and boxes all the time helps me grab what I need fast when it's time to hit the road. Also, I like to keep emergency supplies with me at all times: cotton yarn, g size crochet hook and scissors. At least I know I can make a washcloth or two in a pinch.

This week I'm working on an afghan which will be going to an orphanage in India via Craft Hope. I'm doing more embroidery doodling. And I'm still working on the summer bar-b-cute banner and the 4th of July bear.

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Selina said...

lovely picture. great that you can make lemonade out of lemons, always better to be positive!

Kirsty said...

Portable craft in the car - excellent.

Chantelle said...

"emergency supplies"... ha!