Thursday, June 11, 2009

B Natural--My Creative Space

Summer is here...uhm...sort of. I know I say that weather in the Frozen North is nine months of winter and three months of very thin ice but, seriously, we do usually have a bit of summer. I said usually because I don't think it's going to happen this year. Haul out the blankets, it's cold!

Despite the frostier than norm temps, the girls and I have been spending loads of time outside. That means My Creative Space looks something like this. When the clover blossoms--ehem....yes, our yard is 90% clover and 90% dandelions--I find myself crocheting less and embroidering more.

The light is better this time of year for embroidering. (I do not need bifocals she said as she paddled up da nile.) And, while it's nice to drape a thick afghan-in-progress over me in the winter, it's usually too hot to get up close and personal with blankets this time of year.

I never thought about it before but there are seasons even to crafting.

Today, I hand-stitched some tiny rick-rack around my bear embroidery doodle. This will be a 4th of July decoration soon. I worked a bit on a late season afghan which will be going to the Pregnancy Resource Center as part of Mars Hill Knit Together. And there are some more of the flags, in progress, featuring the embroidery patterns of WildOlive.


Lucy Bowler said...

There are definitely seasons to crafting, you're not alone there! I tried felting at the height of the Australian summer and scarred myself... thankfully not physically, but really, it's not something to be done in the heat. No, it is a WINTER thing and here I am, happily felting again. Keep up the seasonal love!

Cindy said...

Outdoor spaces are wonderful!

littlelovelies said...

Very cute bear doodle! And I love crafting outdoors too!

p.s. I am hosting a sponsored giveaway for a beautiful handcarved stamp - you can enter here.

x nadine
little lovelies

Jeff Chapman said...

What's wrong with dandelions? They're green and yellow. Grass is just, well, it's just green. Boring.

Muddlepud said...

That's a cute little doodle, and I love the bright, sunny space!