Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bag It!

What have I been doing this weekend? I'm glad you asked. Let me show you.

Isn't it cute? Okay, background: almost 20 years ago a few years ago I embroidered this napkin. It was one of four, part of a pre-printed kit that I suspect I bought at Walmart. I can't remember if I embroidered all four and I have no idea what became of the other three. This one with a pink and yellow flower (which goes with absolutely nothing in my kitchen) has been floating around our house for years. It's been washed and put away five million times only to be pulled out of a drawer or cabinet by my girls.

This week I'm in the laundry room looking at this one poor napkin which I've washed for the five millionth and one time wondering what to do with it. I can't give it to the thrift store. Who wants one napkin? I keep looking....thinking....looking....thinking.

Along came a couple of fantastic blog posts. WildOlive featured a free Earth Day embroidery pattern. I knew I was going to have to try it on something. And then Anja posted about the cute skirt she made from an old shirt and a darling library bag she crafted. And then it hit me. Kazam!

I could make a bag from the napkin. Not just any bag. I could craft a bag for my cotton yarn--the same cotton yarn which I throw in my purse almost every time I head out the door. (More about this in a future post.) So I spent a rainy, stormy Saturday watching Get Smart with my girls, embroidering and then sewing this together. Now I'm using this fab bag "and loving it" to quote Maxwell Smart.


Little Lady Cakes said...

Awesome bag!

Jeff said...

I think that orange bear plans to use that bag as a sleeping bag for a camping trip. Is that bag stored in a secure location?