Thursday, April 30, 2009

We'll Find Out Tomorrow

I know the question which has been on all our minds is will alllllllll these April Showers indeed bring May Flowers.

Experts believe that if the flowers do not fall ill to Swine Flu nor declare bankruptcy, they are likely to float away. We've had some serious rain up this way. And we're seriously bored by it. Seriously.

So we are doing school work, being sick as dogs (stomach flu on the heals of a cold but no swine like symptoms), watching dvds, watching it rain, drying water out of the basement, crocheting and...mailing this afghan, book and rabbit to Project Night Night. I did make the afghan--one of the unfinished works which is nicely finished now. I did not make the rabbit though.

The UglyDolls in the picture are neither made by me nor headed to a homeless shelter..yet. But, if they don't stop sniveling about this rain, they might be on the next bus....or boat.

1 comment:

Recovering Noah said...

I love ugly dolls. I think they're the cutest thing ever.

See what a wonderful person I am? Not judging a softie by its cover? ;-)