Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who IS in charge around here?

I've gone to the chickens. Is that slightly better or worse than the dogs? I have several announcements:

1) I bought a Webkinz today. (I wanted one for a long time because I wondered what I was missing.)

2) I wasn't missing anything. (Chichibu the Chicken is seriously cute but the online stuff is tiresome.)

3) I will drive myself crazy feeling like I must keep my virtual, online chicken fed, happy and supplied with every single thing she wants from the virtual shop. (Really! I will become neurotic about this.)

4) I must kill the chicken. (Just the online version. The plushie and I will hang out.)

On to crafting news announcements:

1) I have way way way too many unfinished projects.

2) I have got to get organized.

2.5) I have never been organized in my life and the odds of accomplishing that at this late date are about the same as my five year old giving up candy. Yep.

3) I am tempted to run away and join my chicken in a virtual world which does not include 340 unfinished afghans, 6012 incomplete softies and 234,000 various other half-finished projects.

4) Whaaaaa....

Some of the things waiting for my attention:

Cookies to bake, eggs to fry, a dog, a monkey, an afghan........

Some of the things which are completed:

Mother Bear Project Bears

Six Granny squares for the A Granny A Day Project (Oy! What would my grandmother think about all this disorganization. Oh wait! She was disorganized too. Never mind.)

More Joy Monsters which will soon be in my etsy shop.

Sorry the quality of the pictures is chicken waste. It's rainy here--no good sunlight and my camera has yet to turn into the Nikon D300 that I've been wishing for. (Ha!)

So may your projects be completed, your camera snazzy, your days sunny and your chickens undemanding.....

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