Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PapaOomMowMow--Easter Island Meets Detroit

Did anyone wonder about that guy at the top of the previous post? If not, you should have. Kidding.

I realized that PapaOoomMowMow is a little different from my usual softies (i.e. stuffed animals). He's more of an art softie. Okay, now you're even more confused.

I have a wonderful friend named Katie. She is an amazing seamstress with a heart of gold. She is constantly making things for others. I think she's tops.

Last year she told me that her sewing group would be providing a display of local talent for Sew America Expo. She invited me to join the fun. In honour of John Murphy appearing as the guest speaker, we were invited to make our own sock creatures. The only rule: it must be made from socks and only socks. They were hoping area artist-crafters would steer away from the traditional sock monkies and explore other "creatures."

When I saw this sock I knew that it needed to be a Moai--one of those mysterious and funky Easter Island Heads. It told me. I could not argue. And sew was born PapaOomMowMow--named from an old Beach Boys song--which was actually a remake by someone else.

You might be even more confused at this point. And that might be because you are missing the key piece of information about softies--plushies--stuffies: they aren't just for kids anymore. I think most handmade softies are now made for adult collectors. True. More than one person offered to buy PapaOomMowMow but my little friend is not for sale. He's entirely too fun and Spudly adores him.

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Chantelle said...

OOOOOhhh!! I totally see it now! Makes perfect sense. Your vision and creativity runs circles around me!