Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

A five month old tyke named Stellan has been fighting for his life since before he was born. He has had some serious heart problems which are requiring some risky but necessary surgery today.

Friends of the family have organized a Wear Orange for Stellan campaign. Taking that to where I live I figured I'd ask a few of my softie friends to help me get out the news. Please say a little prayer for Stellan and his family today. If you want to read more, there's a link on the side of the page. Thanks!!!!


Recovering Noah said...

Tracy....uhm....can you explain exactly what that softie is????? Thanks! ;-)

Chantelle said...

Ditto on the "what the heck is it"? :)

Love the idea!

TracyC said...

A softie is what we used to call a stuffed animal. Now they are called "softies" and "plushies." I'm not certain where the term came from but some of the best softie makers are from Australia so it may be from Down Under.

I'll do an entry on it this week. (Now you are crying and wondering why you ever asked.)

Recovering Noah said...

No, no, no. We know what a softie is... we just don't know what KIND of softie that, uh, red thing is.

Is it, like, a softie for those in the, uh, adult entertainment business?

TracyC said...

LOL--I'm dying here. A softie for the adult entertainment business. I can see how you would think that from the picture. I had been praying about how to make my blog more interesting--clearly I hadn't consider the softies for porn angle yet. :-D

Chantelle said...

HA!!! I'm so glad my mind isn't the ONLY one "in the gutter", Leslie!!! HA!!!