Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of my favourite blogs is Meet Me At Mike's, which also happens to be the name of an ace (using the native Australian lingo here) shop in Australia. Pip, the owner of both the shop and the blog, started this cool challenge called Words and Pictures. Each week there is a new theme. I've looked at it with awe and wistfulness, hanging back, reading the other blogs, not quite ready to try it myself. But this week I'm going to give it a go.

The theme for this week is "Collecting." There have been some awesome blog entries on it already--my favourite has to be this one: It's a Beautiful Life

What do I collect: sometimes it seems like children--I've got four. Or dust bunnies--but that isn't intentional. The entire family seems to collect colds like there's no tomorrow. We all collect clutter and bills and paper--good grief! Where does all this paper come from?! I did think I could share pictures of my yarn or fabric stash but that would probably horrify any readers who happened over this way. Also, I use that stuff and it leaves the house so that's not really collecting, right? Right! Please repeat after me: Tracy does not have a yarn hording problem. Exactly.

But what I really collect is softies...plushies...stuffies...stuffed animals. I love them. I have ones made by famous and skilled artisans like kittypinkstars and tiddlywinks. I've got ones I received in swaps. And then there's my favourite: the ones I've made for myself. Isn't that the most narcissistic thing you've heard? But I love them all like the wonderful, giving friends that they are---all 5 thousand of them.


Chantelle said...

Is this your yarn picture? I LOVE IT!! So pretty and quaint!

Sara said...

love it :)

Pod said...

I'm Pod, the collector from it's a beautiful life, thanks for your comments on my blog and for mentioning it here

Recovering Noah said...

Yeah! Is that your yarn? What a fabulous idea. I have big balls of yarn all over the place and nowhere to store it.

Not that I actually use the yarn for anything.. I just collect it in case it might come in handy someday.

You know, for, like, tying up an unruly kid or something. I seem to collect those, too. ;-)