Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homemade Friday--a day late

Obviously, I've got a conflict. I've got Illustration Friday and Homemade Friday. An illustration is homemade but then when do I feature new softies I'm making? And do I sound a bit like Abby on NCIS right now? Cause I LOVE Abby on NCIS and sometimes I think I might be channeling her...maybe. Or maybe I just want to hang around Gibbs, aka Mark "Boy Can I Smile" Harmon, so I wish I was Abby. I digress. I'll save NCIS for another post...or posts.

I'm going to have to change this to Handmade sometime After Friday. Today, I would like to introduce you to not one, not two, but three new friends. And people say there are no bargains.

Okay, first (Tracy, stop thinking about Mark Harmon and get back on track)...uhm first, I have Pink Bear who was made for a Swap Bot swap. Did I mention that I'm on Swap Bot? Probably not because that's sort of like a secret because really...a mum with four kids to homeschool...what business does she have on Swap Bot? Exactly. But there you go.

So Pink Bear is going off to England to a wonderful amigurumi maker. Her work is amazing! Amygurumi Check out her stuff: Yep, like sending coal to newcastle or pork to Washington. Exactly. But the swap was for one bear and one bear she shall get. I actually like this little bear. She's made from chenille and fun fur yarn, four way jointed, designed in the kawaii style. And she's pink which is her recepient's fave colour.

Next, we have Little Lamb who I am pretty sure I will name Mary. Mary is the first ami ever created by OnyxLight. She seriously needs to make more because she does a great job! Isn't the lamb cute???? I adore her. She came to me as part of an Easter ami swap.

And finally I have Alex Bear who has nothing to do with Swap Bot because I created him and I plan to keep him. He's four way jointed with weighted body and legs, made from Yarn Bee--I think it was Dream Girl but maybe one of the other fun fur varieties.

Alex is named after the Scotland Yard Detective Alan Grant from the Josephine Tey novels, Scotland Yard Detective Alec Fletcher from the Carola Dunn novels and Alexander the Great. I do not think there is an NCIS connection but I'm working on it. That means this little cute guy is named: Alan Alec Alex Bear. Do you think I could make Mark Harmon his godfather thus requiring Mr Blue Eyes to meet Alex and, of course, me? Somebody has probably already tryed that, eh?

Okay, so that concludes Homemade Sometime After Friday for this week. Next week I'm going to start Tuesday Tools of the Trade so don't miss that--it has something to do with seeing the light.....

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