Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save the Green...Bucks

Let's face it: there are going to be a million and one post like this today. All over the bloglands of the Dakotas, in the blogitudes of the Andes....blogs, blogs and more blogs about Earth Day.

Save a tree. Hug a whale. Recycle, Reuse, Repent.

You know the drill.

This post is different. Sure, sure--I am one of "those" people--the ones who love the earth, celebrate Arbor Day and can name 16 non-native invasive plants which should not, but are found in a garden near you. I am The Granola Queen. Well, maybe not queen but I'm among the finalist.

But, you my readers, do not want to hear all that. What you want to hear is how to Save Yourself Some Money.

Here's the kicker: most of the things which are good for the earth are good for your pocketbook.

Hang your wet laundry on a clothes line and let the sun do the work: less utility bills.

Grow a garden: big savings to your grocery bill and, thus, more money to spend on essentials like chocolate.

Weed your garden and use a push mower on your lawn: save money on that gym membership. No need for tanning sessions either.

Forgo pesticides and weed killers. Let the kids find and destroy: less money needed for toys. My girls will seriously spend hours digging for worms. (Note: worms are your friends and all worms are carefully returned to their homes so they can continue to help our garden. Slugs, however, are dispatched to their eternal reward punishment.)

Got some old worn out t-shirts? Cut them up for wash rags.

I've got millions of other ideas. Head Honcho and the girls are making a rain barrel this summer--it's science, it's useful, it's going to save us on our water bill.

I'm going to make a rag rug out of all the millions of sad, stained t-shirts we can no longer wear. We have wood floors so rugs are necessary but the girls can destroy one faster than you can blink. I'm not totally certain I can pull off a rag rug but I'm going to try; I promise I'll let you know how it goes.

No, I'm not selling the car and walking everywhere. I'm not growing hemp to make my own clothes. But I am thinking outside the plastic box. Try a few ideas too--I think it will make you feel good--and that's less money to spend on therapy.

P.S. The softie featured in these pictures is an amigurumi (crocheted) bear named Alex.


Naner Lady said...

I hear people say they don't recycle because there is no pick up in their living area, and sometimes not even a local drop off station.
I don't have pick up in my neighborhood, but my work recycles, so I just bring in a bag when it is full and put it in a bin at work.
If your work doesn't recycle, just save your recyclables up (they are relativly clean anyway) and make a monthly trip to a recycle station.
I wish I could do compost material but I live in an apartment. Hmmm I should look into were I could drop some of that nutritious goodness for the soil.
The only reason I hear from people not making a small effort is laziness =(

Chantelle said...

Alex is so sweet in those violets. :)