Saturday, April 25, 2009

A House Guest

A friend of mine came to town. She's been staying with us for a few days. We have a lot of things to do together. I think we've spent just about every moment since she got here together.

Come here...a little closer...can I tell you secret? I want her to go home! Seriously. Just take a bus gus.

Actually, some of you might know her. Her name is Worry. I don't think she ever stays home. She's always mooching at someone's house. Causing drama. Creating problems.

So what are she and I chatting about? The Economy. Jobs. Loss of jobs. People hurting. Homelessness. Bailing out banks. Hard times.

And health and getting older and losing my mind. Worry favours me moving out some essential stuff in my brain so she can expand with more of her stuff.

And then there's kids. Worry and kids. Worry and kids. Have kids. Will worry.

Mostly, I'm worried about Stinkerbell. Okay, here's the serious, heavy stuff. She's three. And she doesn't talk. At all. She babbles. Sometimes she rattles off an entire phrase like yesterday when she said "move, it's my turn." Great! Wahoo! We will never hear that phrase from her again. Or at least we won't hear it for another 12 months. I'm serious. It's like she has a short in her brain. Sometimes, the info gets through but most of the time it's just static. Like an old radio. Last summer she had three words: no, Mummy and bye. She still has Mummy. That's it. Last fall she said "mine." Gone. Into the void.

So Worry and I chat about what will happen to Stinkerbell. Will she ever get a job? Will she ever learn to read? Will she ever talk? Will she be happy? Worry can eat your heart out and leave you destroyed. And Worry rarely travels alone. Sooner or later her pal Fear shows up.

That's why I've invited a couple of other friends over to help me kick Worry out: Hope and Faith. I'll let you know next week how we do packing up Worry. But if she comes to your door, be warned: do not let her in.


Recovering Noah said...

Hey, when you kick Worry out can you make sure she stops by and picks up my Aunt Flo? Thanks.

Awww, I'm sorry about Stinkerbell. Did they rule out the big "A"?

Not to add more worry, of course.

Please let me know how Hope & Faith, do. Maybe you can send them my way when you're done??

TracyC said...

Yep, the Big A has been ruled out. Best guess scenario is that she had a stroke before birth--thus it doesn't show up on her MRI but all the evidence is there: weakness on left side including dragging her foot when tired, refusal to use left hand, partial facial paralysis, and as well as vision problems on the left side. She probably has damage to the cortex which controls expressive, not receptive language.

thetwowindmills said...

Tell Worry she is not welcome here, though I think she comes hand in hand with parenting! Sorry to read about your little Stinkerbell.

Lisa H. said...

You forgot to factor in one thing that's a major playa' in Stinkerbell's life.....Mumma! And I know her Mumma and she's no one I would mess with!

I'm SORRY for you and your precious girlie...Wish I could make it all better now.....But God DOES have a plan, and I think He made a major positive move the day Stinkerbell came to live at your house!

Love you!

Lisa H.